littermaid self cleaning litter boxes

Are you tired of cleaning up after your kitty? Littermaid part of the larger parent company Applica; they designed and manufactured the first littermaid self cleaning cat litter box. Since then there have been other companies with competition, but none that have earned the rave reviews of their products.

The feature that has preopelled the Littermaid litter boxes to the forefront of the market has been their auto waste cleaning system. Their litter boxes automatically rake the waste 10 minutes after your cat has used the box into a waste receptacle. Thus it doesn?t scare your pet by making noise while you cats in the box, but reducing the effort required on your part to keep the box clean.

Features of the Littermaid units include:

  • Auto Litter cleaning 10 Minutes after cat leaves the box
  • Ramp for easy access to the box
  • Detachable litter tray for fast throw away of waste
  • Simple battery operation with D cell batteries
  • Carbon filters to reduce smell

There are two main models available from littermaid the LM520 and the LM920. While both are similar in functionality, the LM920 is designed to work in a household with multiple cats. The internal dimensions of 17? x 16.75? x 9.25? offers more internal room for a larger or multiple cats. Also included with the LM902 is the cat paw cleaning ramp, the privacy tent, and 12 waste receptacles. The LM920/LM950 is the premiere self cleaning litter box available on the market. (Link to detailed review at bottom of this page)

Check out the LM920 here in more detail.
LitterMaid Automatic Litter Box LM920

Now the LM520 is the ideal solution for one or two small too medium sized cats. If you?re sick of cleaning your cats litter box then this is the solution you?ve been looking for. NOTE:If you enjoy cleaning your cats litter box?you can stop reading now! (Sorry just joking)

The littermaid LM520 offers all the features of the LM920 for time savings but saves on the perks. All the accessories included with the LM920 (i.e. Paw cleaning ramp, Privacy tent) are all available as add on's from most pet stores. While the major benefits of 10 minutes litter scooping after your cat leaves the box, multiple waste receptacles, and standard battery operation all hold the same.

This product is the solution for the average cat owner. Check out the littermaid LM520 in more detail below.
LitterMaid Automatic Litter Box LM520

Littermaid product accessories

If you?ve already made the decision to purchase a littermaid products, the following are few of the accessories available.

The privacy tent is first and foremost. I?ve had the trouble often that my cat?s will not use their box if it?s not covered. Littermaid solved this problem by offering the privacy tent. Quite simply it offers a small tent to erect around your littermaid LM520 or LM920 and ensure you furry friend get?s the most privacy available.

Give your cat added privacy during litter box use.

The carbon filters ensure that odour is reduced up to 50% over conventional litter boxes. It?s a simple design, and small item but a must if you?re using a littermaid litter box at home. One of the bigger annoyances is the smell of un-cleaned litter, so ensure that this great device not only reduces your effort to clean your cats box, but also the odour.

LitterMaid Carbon Filter
LitterMaid Carbon Filter
Reduce litter box odors by 50%!

The littermaid line-up of products is a great addition to your household for your cat(s). We have offered links too here in this review, because PetsMart offers 100% customer satisfaction. You can easily return your item for refund or exchange no questions asked after purchasing. Too me this is an important factor when evaluating a store to purchase my pet supplies from. I wish you luck in your search for products to make you pet experience better!

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