Cat Treats

Choosing a special Cat Treat

Cat treats can be many things. A toy, for example, could be considered a cat treat, as it will make your favorite feline happy.

However, when most people think about treats for their cat, they have in mind edible, tasty, and healthy snacks.

What kind of cat treat should you get?

Having been privileged to share our lives with 3 cats so far, we have gained our fair share of experience on what kinds of cat treats will really please your cat.

Here are some cat treats that you can get to spoil your cat rotten -- and the best thing is they're all healthy!

Pounce Cat Treats

Our cat Crystal loves getting her pounce cat treat. We originally got some of these because we were looking for something to keep our cat's teeth healthy -- and let's face it, she wasn't about to start brushing them with toothpaste.

What makes these such a good cat treat, therefore, is that they are very crunchy and reduce plaque and tartar.

Also, our cat Crystal is older now -- over 17 years old -- and we were looking for something to fortify the strength of not only her teeth but her bones.

That's why we really like the fact that they are enriched with calcium.

There are 4 different flavors available, and our cat enjoys all of them, but her personal favorite has to be Albacore Tuna.

Pounce Tartar Control Cat Treats Value Pack
Pounce Tartar Control Cat Treats Value Pack
A crunchy Pounce treat formulated to reduce plaque and tartar build-up and enriched with calcium to strengthen teeth

Friskies Cat Treats

Some cats -- like our male siamese -- prefer their cat treat soft and chewy. Maybe your cat has similar tastes.

If so, Friskies makes treats that your cat is almost sure to love. The best part is that you can rest well knowing you are giving your cat only a premium cat treat that is made out of genuine poultry and seafood. It's a great nutritional boost for your favorite feline.

Why not try offering your cat a few different flavors today?

Friskies Cat Treats
Friskies Cat Treats
These tender treats have real poultry or seafood as the #1 ingredient for great taste and healthy protein

Rolling Ball Cat Treat Dispenser

Want to get a really special treat for your cat?

There's an ingenious little invention that is a toy ball filled with cat treats that will randomly release them as your cat plays and pounces on the ball.

Just imagine how much fun your cat will have when he or she knocks the ball across the floor only to discover it dispenses cat nip too!

When empty, the ball is refillable.

Catnip Balls
Catnip Balls
Fill these rugged balls with catnip and let the good times roll!