Choosing The Right Cat Litter Box

Automatic Litter Box: Self Cleaning Litter Box

The Right Cat Litter Box for your Cat -- and for you

1) Most cats will urinate in a squatting position. However, some cats will go while standing up. For a cat with this particular idiosyncrasy the best cat litter box design is one that resembles a small house or capsule -- this will help prevent the urine from being sprayed outside the box.

A good example is:

Booda Dome Covered Litter Box
Booda Dome Covered Litter Box
An innovative litterbox design that fits into any room Offers your cat privacy and provides the odor control all cat owners are looking for

2) For the majority of cats, however, all you need is a cat litter box that is comprised of a plastic tray -- this design will do a decent job of containing the litter when your cat scratches and kicks in it.

If your cat is advanced in years, this shallow tray or pan cat litter box will probably be best since many of the other designs require the animal to climb or hop into and get out of. One of our friends noticed her older cat having trouble jumping into her litter box one day, so she made the switch to a simple plastic tray that she can easily step into.

Litter Pan Starter Kits by Petmate
Litter Pan Starter Kits by Petmate
Don't bring home your new kitty without having this Litter Pan Starter Kit ready Made of high-impact plastic with a 5-year warranty

Automatic Litter Box

Self Cleaning Litter Box

Let's face it: you love your cat but you hate having to clean the cat litter box. Of course, you're not alone.

Believe it or not, cleaning the stinky cat litter box is a thing of the past!

As a sidenote: a dirty litter box is one of the leading reasons why a cat may stop using the box

You can now get an automatic litter box -- meaning a self cleaning litter box!

We use one ourselves and let's just say whoever first invented these deserves to win a Nobel Prize in our humble opinion. (Our cats agree!)

One of the best of these automatic litter box brands is Littermaid. Listen to this description of what it does, and I'm sure you'll agree it's a must have:

"Its electronic eye waits for your cat to exit the box; 10 minutes later, solid waste and litter clumps are automatically raked into a hidden container. All you have to do is throw away the waste container when it's full, or clean and reuse. No scooping, raking or bagging used litter."

Get it here:

LitterMaid Computerized Litter Box Accessories
LitterMaid Computerized Litter Box Accessories
This computerized litter box is on 24 hour litter patrol

Check out the following links for more information about Cat Litter boxes.

litter box self cleaning...take the effort out of cleaning your cats litter box
Using a litter box self cleaning is cleaner for you, healthier for your cat and saves you time. What options do you have when looking for a self cleaning litter box?

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