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Cat Condos...Cat Condo

There are different kinds of cat houses available: some are made to be an outdoor cat house, while others are for inside use. A few can be used both indoors and out.

Having a special place of her very own to nap away the afternoon and seek shelter is important for your cat's wellbeing, especially if yours is an outdoor cat.

It will also give you a warm feeling knowing that you have provided so well for her, especially when you see her snuggled up within its comfortable confines.

What Kind Should You Buy?

Cat houses come in all shapes and sizes, not to mention materials from which they are made.

Again, your first consideration should be whether you are looking to purchase an outdoor cat house or one for indoor use.

Indoor Cat House

Indoor cat houses are generally less expensive, and can serve not only as a resting place, but as a play pen too.

Construction on an indoor cat house is almost never a factor -- most of them simply snap together without the requirement of any tools. Many of them come lined with carpeting, on both the outside and inside, providing, on the one hand, a plush surface on which your cat can nap, and, on the other, an exterior that can double as a scratching pad.

A perfect example is:

Omega Paw Cozy Kingdom
Omega Paw Cozy Kingdo
The Cozy Kingdom snaps together in minutes with no tools required It's a quick and easy way to give your cat a comfortable place of her own

Outdoor Cat House...Cat Condos: Consider a Cat Condo

If you're looking for an outdoor cat house, you'll be pleasantly surprised to see the quality of materials and construction that exists in today's market.

Some of the more basic (and less costly) of these cat houses are made from pine (plywood). Often, with a pine cat house, you yourself will have to paint or stain the exterior to protect the integrity of the wood.

Once properly stain-protected, however, a well constructed pine cat house can last for a few years.

Even better than a pine cat house are the ones made from cedar wood.

These are usually very attractive and sturdy, but unfortunately quite expensive: they can easily cost 300 dollars or more.

On the other hand, thanks to advancements, you can now buy an outdoor cat house that can be used as an indoor cat house as well. They are sometimes referred to as cat condos instead of houses, but their function is the same: to offer your cat shelter.

Some of these are made with material that allows them to stay cool in the summer, and retain heat in the winter. The surface can be made out of non porous substance that helps keep out bugs, such as fleas, from getting in and infesting your cat's fur.

Thankfully, too, not only are these cat houses utilitarian, but also very reasonably priced.

For example:

Indoor/Outdoor Kitty Cat Condo by Doskocil
Indoor/Outdoor Kitty Cat Condo by Doskocil
A first-of-its-kind home designed especially for cats Use indoors or out to provide cats with a secure sheltered place to rest and sleep