Why have Cat health insurance for your cat?

Do you have cat health insurance for your furry friend? If not why not? Itís protection for your families pet the same way as your health insurance protects you in case of required emergency medical attention. So what do you need to know before you can make a decision about purchasing cat health insurance?

The first thing to consider is how old is your cat? The majority of plans do have limitations on how old a cat can be to be granted insurance while others offer lower rates too pet owners that signup their cats at a younger age. Donít get caught in the trap thinking that because your kitty is young she doesnít need protection. For instance feline leukemia can strike at any age in a cat; and with todayís technologies there are treatments to nurse her back to health, but the cost isnít cheap!

Routine cat care costs

There are several cat health insurance plans on the market that include a budgeted cost for your catís routine care. While this can be convenient for the pet owner from a cost perspective the budgeted cost of the insurance company is almost always greater then your own budgeted cost. Itís not cost effective to have routine cat care costs built into your cat health insurance plan. Remember insurance is for the unexpected; therefore you will get your best monthly premium when purchasing coverage for illness and accident protection.

Cat health insurance exclusions

There are a couple of points to consider when looking at exclusions in pet insurance plans. The first is the deductible, itís best to find a plan that offers a fixed deductible for each occurrence. This ensure that you know what youíll be required to pay, and not have any additional financial trouble when your cat is in need of treatment.

The other things to look for are Low annual and lifetime limitations. Itís important to look at what the maximum payout each year for the insurance plan is per cat, as well as if there is a lifetime limitation of claim payouts. Keeping in mind that purchasing cat health insurance is too help prolong the life of your pet, if your cat is enrolled in a plan at eight weeks old, and lives for eighteen too twenty years you want to ensure you have comparable coverage for her for her whole life.

What other benefits does cat health insurance offer?

Several providers offer some other benefits besides just illness and accident costs.

Such as:

  • Accidental death
  • Boarding & Kennel Fees if the owner is hospitalized and not able to care for their cat
  • Recovery fees if cat is lost and advertising is required to recover their cat.

Not that benefits such as these should sway your decision for a cat health insurance provider one way or the other but they are nice perks to have included with your monthly premium.

So where to go to get a quote?

Several years ago there were only a handful of players in the pet insurance industry, but with the boom of the internet came a whole new way to solicit new clients, and grow business. The key thing to consider is that you feel comfortable with the provider youíre considering.

Always get a quote from providers before just signing up, it never hurts to get a quote even if youíre just curious about what the cost would be for your cat. A great provider just teamed up with PetsCO the huge pet supplies provider. You can get a free quote for for cat health insurance from their new site petcarepals.com.