Cat Hairball Remedy

Cat Hairball Treatment

Authority Adult Hairball Control Formula
Authority Adult Hairball Control Formula
Specially formulated to help control hairball formation in adult cats by using natural fibers Recommended by nutritional experts and veterinarians Exclusively at PETsMART

2. Besides speciality foods, you can buy a cat hairball remedy that comes in a tube. These usually resemble a toothpaste tube. The contents, however, are edible.

You simply squeeze a bit of the tasty paste (most cats love it) on a spoon or your finger and let your cat lick it off. We use these ourselves. Sometimes we just squeeze a bit of this cat hairball remedy on top of our cat's food and she'll eat it along with the rest of her meal.

It has really helped us as we have a long-haired Persian who used to cough up a cat hairball almost daily.

Laxa-Stat Hairball Remedy
Laxa-Stat Hairball Remedy
A safe gentle and effective way to treat and prevent hairballs in cats

3. The last kind of cat hairball treatment we would suggest is getting some speciality anti-hairball shampoo. Some of these are made to not only clean your cat's coat so it has a healthy shine, but to treat its fur so that it becomes harder to swallow during licking. It has proven an effective cat hairball remedy for us.

Hartz Anti-Hairball Shampoo
Hartz Anti-Hairball Shampoo
Fresh-smelling formula cleans and conditions the coat while special Anti Hairball Beads coat your cat's fur with a hairball prevention aid

Which Cat hairball remedy do you need?

So, which cat hairball treatment from the above should you get? Well, that depends on how much of a problem this is for your cat in particular.

If you're like us and own a long haired breed, then you may need to use all three kinds of products discussed above. Or if hairballs aren't a really pressing problem, then you probably only need one cat hairball remedy.

In this case, the speciality cat hairball treatment food would probably be best because all of you have to do is feed your cat as you normally would.

Let's face it: if you had to remember to give your cat the squeeze tube paste daily or shampoo her, you probably would put it off. But feeding your cat is easy because you do it everyday without a thought.

Whatever you decide, just remember that finding a cat hairball remedy has important consequences for your cat's health.