All about Cat Grooming

Cat Grooming Supplies

Cat grooming glove is an excellent alternative to regular brushes.
Easy Groom Cat Soft Slicker
Easy Groom Cat Soft Slicker

This extra-gentle slicker is designed for cats with sensitive skin and fine silky coats Efficiently removes dead hair from the undercoat

Cat grooming supplies for long haired cats, however, are more extensive: a brush with wire bristles; two metal combs -- one with coarse teeth; the other with fine teeth; and a dematter, used for removing tangles and snarls that withstand brushing.

Available examples of these include:

Groomax for Cats Soft Grip Dematter
Groomax for Cats Soft Grip Dematter

Pin Brushes are a versatile choice for use on long-haired breeds Stainless steel pins feature rounded tips for safety Made exclusively for PETsMART

Groomax 9 Blade Dematter with Soft Grip Handle
Groomax 9 Blade Dematter with Soft Grip Handle

This easy-to-use dematting tool has 9 blades for efficient use Protects pet's skin while removing the most stubborn mats and tangles

Tips on Cat Grooming with your New Cat Grooming Supplies

1. Short haired cats only need daily grooming during shedding times. Long haired cats, on the other hand, should have daily coat care.

2. While performing cat grooming, make sure to not brush too hard, especially if using a hard bristle wire brush.

3. Long haired cats may need to be bathed before grooming, particularly if their fur has become grimy. In such a case, special cat shampoos are available -- some of which will protect your cat from parasites.

Pro Pet Gentle Cat Shampoo & Conditioner
Pro Pet Gentle Cat Shampoo & Conditioner

All-in-one shampoo and conditioner contains milk proteins and conditioning oils to leave your cat's coat soft and silky

Additional Cat Grooming Strategies

Long haired cats should be brushed first, beginning at the neck, down to the tail, in alignment with the fur, then, once or twice against the direction of the fur; after this, you may hold the cat (if it's agreeable to her or him) in your lap and use the metal coarse toothed comb to comb its belly hairs.

After this, comb thru the underside with the fine toothed comb. Be as gentle as possible, as the belly area is sensitive. For cats with especially long hair, like Persians, the bent-wire bristled brush should be used to finish up the belly and chest areas, which will give the coat a sheen.

When you encounter a tangle or snarl, do not attempt to comb right thru it. Separate it using your fingers before trying to brush or comb thru it. If you cannot separate the snarled clump, use a dematter or seam-cutting knife to remove it.

During the course of brushing and combing, if you spot any skin irritations, make an appointment to see your veterinarian about it.

Remember, cat grooming is not something to just make your cat look beautiful.

Your feline's health depends on it.

The following articles offer further information on grooming your cat check them out for more specefic detailed information.

Cat grooming shampoo ? are you bathing your cat? Using a cat grooming shampoo when bathing your cat reduces hairballs, and makes it easier for her to groom. Make sure you know the right techniques, and products to use.

Use the proper cat grooming tools to care for your cat?s coat: Too help your cats coat it?s important to use the proper cat grooming tools. They ensure you remove hair, mattes, and allow you to check for irritations below the fur. Using incorrect tools, can make things more difficult.

cat grooming supplies ? do you have the right supplies to shampoo, clean, and condition your cat properly? Using the correct cat grooming supplies ensures your doing the best for your cats health, and hygiene. Not using the right grooming shampoo, or conditioner can cause problems!