Using a cat grooming shampoo offers your cat many benefits.

Cat grooming shampoo Often people laugh at the thought of bathing their cat, but many people do it. Using a cat grooming shampoo is an excellent way to ensure your cat?s fur stays clean and shiny. It also helps remove mats, and makes the task of grooming much easier for your kitty. The hard part is how do you go about bathing your cat, and what cat grooming shampoo should you be using?

Lets take a look first at what cat shampoo you should be using for your cat.

Long Haired cat: If your cat is long haired you should always brush your cat prior to bathing them this helps remove knots, and loose dirt. For a shampoo ensure you?re using something with conditioner this ensure you?re getting the deep down clean the cat requires for their longer hair. Most longhaired cats are far more likely to develop mats in their fur. This process combined with regular brushings will drastically reduce the number of mats he?ll have.

A great conditioning shampoo to try is Pro Pet Gentle Cat Shampoo & Conditioner
Pro Pet Gentle Cat Shampoo & Conditioner
All-in-one shampoo and conditioner contains milk proteins and conditioning oils to leave your cat's coat soft and silky.

Possible Cat with Fleas: Now if there is the chance your cat may have fleas, or even worse Ticks you should be considering a cat grooming shampoo especially designed for that purpose. The process for bathing is the same but the end result should be to help grooming and also any fleas she may have.

Try this shampoo if you suspect your cat may have a few fleas

Hartz Control Flea & Tick Conditioning Shampoo for Cats
Hartz Control Flea & Tick Conditioning Shampoo for Cats
This unique, dual-action formula kills fleas and ticks while conditioning your cat's coat and leaving it soft and manageable.

Now because MOST and I do mean most cats don?t like water this can be a daunting task! But fear not it is doable even by the faintest of heart. The easiest way to begin is not to place your cat in the bath tub but actually a sink or basin. The water should be warm to touch but not to hot. Think as if you?re bathing a baby? the water should be of similar temperature.

The room your bathing the cat in should be room temperature, and make sure you have a few dry towels around and a hair dryer if your cat can tolerate the noise. Now careful not to get any water in your cats eyes place your cat in the Basing/sink. Start by running some water over your cat?s neck and legs. This can be best done with a spray nozzle if you have one and your cat can handle it or a small cup.

Once wet, shampoo the cat following the instructions on the cat grooming shampoos bottle. Often flea shampoos must be left on for a while to work. Once your done first dry off your cats legs and neck with paper towel, then wrap the cat in a dry towel. They can get chilled very quickly.

If you have a long haired cat try out the hair dryer to see her reaction, if it?s a short haired cat and your house is at a reasonable temperature it should be fine to let them run free to dry.

Using a cat grooming shampoo greatly helps your cat?s comfort level because they have less mats, and cleaner fur. Also it helps maintain your cats over all health. Make sure you follow the instructions on the cat grooming shampoos bottle prior to bathing your cat.