Feeding your cat the best cat food is important for your cat's health

Cat food, ensure your cat's diet is correct. Is your cat eating the right cat food? This is a major point often overlooked by cat owners. A cat?s diet is one of important elements to their overall health, and it all starts with cat food. The best place to start when looking at cats food requirements is too look at what they?d eat in the wild.

In the wild a cat?s balanced intake of vitamins, minerals, and nutrition comes from killed prey. While you?re cuddly cute ball of fur now sleeps next to you on your bed at night and nuzzles your legs, remember genetically cats are from the wild, therefore we must ensure we provide them with food that offers what they would eat in the wild.

Cats in contrast to humans, and even dogs are 100% carnivores. Their diet mainly consists of Meat and Protein. There is often the odd blade of grass thrown in but most experts believe this is for digestion purposes. With this in mind the best food for your cat is a high grade that offers fresh meat sources, not processed or Refined, with high protein content. This can be found in different brands of both canned and dry cat food.

Wet Vs. Dry Cat food

While wet canned food would seem like it is the closest to what a Cat would find in the wild, dry cat foods have there advantages as well. If you?re going to feed your cat dry food you need to be sure you?re buying a good quality product. Many of the cheaper products in the market contain vegetable or grain products as fillers, making it more difficult for your cat to digest. This can be more harmful then helpful to your cats health.

The major draw back to wet food is that it doesn?t stay fresh for very long. Having a Can cover is ideal if you keep a can for a few days in the fridge. They?re a simple item but worth having several at home it will keep your food fresh much longer then using plastic wrap.

Can Covers
Can Covers

If your pet eats canned food, these can covers are a must!

Now let?s consider you?re not home all day, but you have to leave your cat with some food to eat? This is where dry cat food is an advantage. You can give your cat a full bowl of Dry food in the morning to eat through out the day while you?re at work. It won?t dry out? (No pun intended) and you can purchase the food in larger quantities since it keeps better.

Myself I feed both of my cats dry and wet. I work in a lot of water, as this is just as important as food for cats especially as they get older. If you have a strong young cat it?s recommended that you switch up the brand/type of food you feed them every once and a while to ensure they?re getting a well balanced amount of nutrients.

Tips on Choosing the Best Cat Food

1) Read labels: the ingredients are listed in order by weight. This means you want to see the meat sources, such as kidney, liver, seafood, etc., among the first several items on the list. This way you'll be confident that you are buying a product for your cat that is high in animal-derived nutrition. Also, artificial substances such as preservatives, artificial colors, and flavours will be listed as well. Look for brands that do not have these listed among the first few items, particularly if you are looking for the best cat food.

2) The individual needs of cats may differ based on such factors as activity level and age. As a point, then, you should also check the label of the product to see for which cycle of a cat's life it has been formulated -- for example, is it a product for young, growing cats, older cats that may require low-protein diet, or mid-life felines? Each of their respective needs will differ. Quite often a cat with other Health problems will be prescribed a specific cat food to help with their illness, always be sure to obey instructions such as this from your vet.

3) Look for an "AAFCO" statement on the label of the product. AAFCO is an acronym for Association of American Feed Control Officials, which has a subcommittee that establishes minimum nutritional requirements for cats.

Our 17 year old Persian cat, Kitty, for example, has stressed kidneys and was prescribed "Prescription Diet" canned food that has this AAFCO statement on the label:

"Animal feeding tests using AAFCO procedures substantiate that Prescription Diet Feline k/d with Chicken provides complete and balanced nutrition for the maintenance of adult cats."

Yes, this kind of speciality cat food costs a bit more, but why not buy the best? Your cat's health depends on it.

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