The right cat food dish is more important then you think.

A simple item like a cat food dish should be reasonably straightforward to purchase?and it is. But there are a few tid bits of info to keep in mind when looking.

Cat food dish material

What should a cat food dish be made of? Ideally you should try and stick with a Stainless steel or ceramic material. Most vets recommend this. While there are a wide variety of plastic cat food bowls to choose from on the market they tend to get nicks in the rim, which is a prime place for bacteria and germs to grow.

The majority of Ceramic dishes offer ?fun? designs to choose from, and are dishwasher safe so it?s simple to place the food dish in with your regular load of dirty dishes.

These signature ceramic dishes are ideal for both wet or dry cat food, and are dishwasher safe!

Sorrento Ceramic Cat Dishes
Sorrento Ceramic Cat Dishes
Dish up dinner in style with these elegant Sorrento Ceramic Cat Dishes. Heavyweight ceramic is dishwasher safe.

For another option the regular Stainless steel dishes are unbreakable, and easy to clean!

Dura Pet Steel Bowl
Dura Pet Steel Bowl
These durable stainless steel bowls are the perfect feeding choice. Resists rusting, corroding, chewing and breaking. Contains a rubber base to help prevent slipping and tipping.

How big should my cats dish be?

How big or small of a cat food bowl you should get depends really on how much food does your cat require at each feeding? Some people have larger dishes for their cats because they allow them to free feed all day while they?re at work or school. The larger dish allows for more dry food, but this isn?t always the healthiest way to go.

When feeding your cat(s) you should always follow the instructions for recommended servings on the side of the packaging or directions from your vet. With this in mind a cat food dish that can hold approximately 2 scoops should do the trick. It?s recommended not to try and use too large a bowl for your cat so they don?t have a difficult time getting the last few kibbles of food from their feeding.

Keep your cat?s food bowl clean!

So once you?ve made the selection for your cats new food dish you need to keep it clean! We don?t like eating off of dirty dishes and neither do your cats. So as a rule of thumb try to follow these cleaning tips.
  • Dry cat food dish: wash out every second day
  • Wet Cat food dish: wash at least once a day
  • Water bowl: Rinse out every day

Cat food bowl mats

Some cat food dishes have a rubber bottom to stop them from slipping around as your cat eats, but what about the small spills and messes that cat?s tend to make during each feeding? A mat is an excellent addition to place on the floor underneath their water and food bowls to reduce slipping, and spills/messes.

There are some simple options for this such as a small piece of cardboard, or old piece of carpet. Both of these will reduce the slipping, and keep the mess off the floor, but they?re not very wipeable if liquids are spilled. A cheap placemats would work, or there are hundreds of customized mats for cat dishes available.

Such as: Little Fishes Clear Cat Place Mat
Little Fishes Clear Cat Place Mat
Protect the floor from splashes and spills and add a touch of fun to your cat's eating area with this Little Fishes Place Mat.

Or you could consider buying a matching dish and mat set when looking for a cat food dish like this one:

Signature Housewares
Signature Housewares "My Best Friend" Cat Set
A dining ensemble perfect for the coolest kitties. Modern design looks great in contemporary interiors.

Automatic cat food dispensers

Now this is something reasonably new, but what a product for those of us that sometimes have to leave our kitties home for a couple of days unattended! Automatic cat feeders, basically replace us while we?re away.

The concept is this: You place the number of feedings the unit will hold in each dish. Some allow for dry food, some will handle both wet and dry food. You set the timer on the dish to when ever you want it to open and voila! The lid opens up on the automatic feeder, and your cat can chow down!

Most of these machines run on an ?AA? battery so a power outage doesn?t affect it, and offer cooler pack units to keep wet food fresh for up to 48 hours. There are different units you may want to consider depending on how many cats you have.

This unit is an excellent option if you only have one cat or if you only need the unit for one feeding for two cats.

PetSafe 2-Meal Auto Feeder By Radio Systems
PetSafe 2-Meal Auto Feeder By Radio Systems
The easy way to automatically feed your pet two fresh meals within 48 hours. For indoor use only.

Or a unit like this one is good for upto 96 hours, and 4 different feedings. Great for a weekend getaway or if you have to go on the road for work.

Automatic Pet Feeder, 5 Meals
Automatic Pet Feeder, 5 Meals
Automatic feeder feeds up to 5 meals over the course of up to 4 days. Use with dry or canned food; twin ice packs help to keep food fresh. Runs on one "AA" battery (sold separately).

No matter what the cat dish or mat you select for your cat I?m sure you?re more ready to make an informed decision about why you will purchase one dish or another.