Cat Collars

Safe Cat Collars

Cat collars are one of the most important of all supplies you can buy for your cat. They are placed around your cat's neck, and should contain an identifying tag that will enable anyone who finds a lost cat to locate the rightful owners.

So, in this sense, collars are crucial for the well-being and saftey of your cat, particularly outdoor cats.

However, there is another important consideration: the collars themselves must be safe.

Indeed, collars are one of the leading causes of cat fatalities!

Safe Cat Collars -- What to look for.

You should only buy a cat collar that has a short length of elastic section. Although we all know that cats are graceful creatures, their collars can sometimes snag or get caught on things. If this happens when you are not around to supervise and assist your cat, he or she may end up strangled.

Cat collars with a short elastic section can stretch if they get snagged, allowing the cat to free herself.

Safety Stretch Cat Collars
Safety Stretch Cat Collars
Whole collar stretches for safety and perfect fit

Some collars go even a step further and have a breakaway section that will allow your cat to disengage from the collar completely if snagged.

Silk Cat Collars by Sporn
Silk Collars by Sporn
100% real silk gives these collars their rich colors and lustrous appeal Heart-shaped breakaway buckle for safety

Outdoors at Night

Many cats are very nocturnal.

If you let your cat go outdoors at night, you should also look for collars that contain a reflexite strip sewn on them so that drivers can see the reflection and avoid hitting your cat. These reflexive collars can also come with breakaway and elastic stretch features for ultimate protection.

Reflective Break-away Collars by Top Paw
Reflective Break-away Cat Collars by Top Paw
This Break-away Collar is the ultimate cat collar It is also adjustable and reflective for added safety and features a removable bell

Personalized cat collars

Some cat owners like to get collars that are personalized -- something a little different that sets your cat apart from others and makes you feel proud. You can often choose from among many different colors for personalized collars and have your cat's name, and your phone number embroidered in eloquent lettering.

Personalized collars, however, will cost more, but many cat owners consider it money well spent!

If you wish, you can personalize your feline's collar yourself very cheaply with an instant pet I.D. tag that will also protect your cat in case he or she becomes lost.

Instant Pet I.D. Tags
Instant Pet I.D. Tags
These Instant I D Tags "shrink" down to size when placed in a hot oven Provide your pet with I D right away rather than waiting for a tag to come back from the engraver

Cat doesn't like Cat Collars?

Some cats don't take well to wearing a cat collar. They may constantly paw at it, in an attempt to remove it. So how do you protect your cat if he or she spends any length of time outdoors?

One popular solution to this dilemma is to have your veterinarian tattoo indentification, commonly a phone number, inside your cat's ear.

Another alternative is to have a microchip placed underneath the skin in the area behind the cat's head. Lost cats can be scanned, and because the information of the microchip is stored in a computer file, your contact information will come up.

Check out the articles below for more in depth information about different types of cat collars, and ID tags.

Personalized cat collar ? if your cat gets lost will it find it?s way home? Does your cat have a personalized cat collar? If not are you risking the chance of losing your furry friend? Inexpensive and simple, but can save your cat.