All about Cat Beds

The Importance of Cat Beds

The Importance of Cat Beds in a cat's health.

cat beds, cats love cozy cat naps in a bed.

Having a special cat bed of her very own to nap away the afternoon is important for your cat's happiness; it will also give you a warm feeling knowing that you have provided so well for her, especially when you see her snuggled up within its comfortable confines.

Of course, some people look into cat beds for other purrrfectly acceptable reasons: for example, if you decide your own bed is off-limits to kitty -- hey, she leaves large clumps of fur and the occassional hairball surprise betwixt your otherwise fresh sheets -- then you might want to invest in a cat bed.

What Kind of Cat Bed Should You Buy?

Cat beds come in all shapes and sizes, not to mention materials from which they are made.

Unlike scratching posts, where some material (such as sisal) is simply better for your cat's health, choosing the right cat bed mostly boils down to finding one that suits your feline's personality and sleeping preferences.

For example, does your cat like to curl up in a tight ball when she dozes off? If so, then you may want to look into cat beds that are circular, the shape that many felines prefer because it encloses around them nicely, creating a feeling of security.

Kitty Print Berber Cuddle Bed by Fleximat
Kitty Print Berber Cuddle Bed by Fleximat
The ultra-soft spot for cats to curl up and sleep Deep cushioned base cradles cats in comfort

Do you live in a cold climate, or an area where the winters are long and harsh? Then you might be interested to know that there are cat beds you can buy that have pet-safe, heating units installed within the fabric.

Usually, these cat beds are made out of fleece, which itself is a soft, warming material. But when the bitterly cold winds are howling outside your window, the heated cat bed will offer your feline an invitingly warm and toasty place to cuddle and snooze.

Thermo Bed by K & H Mfg.
Thermo Bed by K & H Mfg.
Comfortable heated sill is tailored for cozy cat naps! Fleece cover is machine washable

If your cat doesn't have any particular preference, you can look for cat beds or huts made from wicker. These are very stylish, and will often complement the other furniture in your house quite well.

Wicker basket cat beds and huts will often come with a special pillow that is placed inside it, on which your cat will sleep. Some people, however, just buy the basket itself and use a pillow of their own choosing or no pillow at all.

Another advantage of a wicker basket cat bed is that the pillow can be taken out and washed, allowing the basket to be easily cleaned by a quick wipe down. With other kinds of cat beds, it can sometimes be more difficult to clean off any fur that has become stuck to the fabric.

Wicker Cat Hutch
Wicker Cat Hutch
This real wicker hutch is the ultimate secluded hideaway for cats of all ages A removable interior cushion adds comfort