Save time with an automatic cat feeder

automatic cat feeder, a great way to keep your cat's on a health diet.

Automatic cat feeders have to be one of the best inventions ever for the pet market. I know that?s how I feel! Whether you travel for work through the week, like to take weekend getaways, or just hate being woken up in the morning by your cat then an automatic feeder is for you!

While many feeding practices can have negative effects on your cat. (i.e. Free feeding generally causes over weight issues) an automatic cat feeder eliminates most of these problems.

The operation is simple. Most products take an AA battery to operate there is no wind up or plug to worry about. You set the number of hours to when you want the lid to open and allow your cat to eat and Voila! You?ve been relived of your duties.

Most automatic cat feeders handle both wet and dry food. The option for a freezer pack is normally standard. This allows you to keep wet food fresh for up to a day and a half without having to put new food in the compartment.

Here is the most raved about automatic pet feeder on the market.

Auto cat feeder, PetSafe 2-Meal Auto Feeder By Radio Systems
PetSafe 2-Meal Auto Feeder By Radio Systems
The easy way to automatically feed your pet two fresh meals within 48 hours.

Also there is a single unit available if this is only for saving your mornings sleep rather then for going away.

C10 Automatic Pet Feeder
C10 Automatic Pet Feeder
Compact, convenient feeder serves a single meal at a pre-programmed time that you determine.

Besides the benefits to you as a cat owner that automatic feeders provide there are benefits to your cat as well.

Automatic feeders are ideal for placing your cat on a diet for both wet and dry food. Also if any of your cats have a blood sugar level problem. Often cat owners will have problems getting home on time after work to feed their cats, an automatic feeder replaces any of these problems by allowing you to set the timer in the morning or night before. It?s a fantastic purchase!

Now there are options for larger automatic feeders. A larger Feeder will save you in Pet sitter, and boarding fees for short trips away. Most of these units will feed four or more meals, and can be programmed upto five days in advance. Therefore giving you more time to be away from your cat without having to worry if she?s being fed or not.

This five meal feeder has all the same advantages as the smaller ones we talked about before.

Automatic Pet Feeder, 5 Meals
Automatic Pet Feeder, 5 Meals
Automatic feeder feeds up to 5 meals over the course of up to 4 days. Use with dry or canned food; twin ice packs help to keep food fresh.

So with all this new found information about automatic cat feeders you should be able to reduce boarding fees, help place your cat on a diet, and even help you sleep in in the morning? if your having an issue with that. I know I do! Hope you find the automatic cat feeder that?s right for you and your cat(s).